Accountability Conversations

Accountability Conversations are a platform that bring young people closer to their community leaders to discuss issues to do with accountability. We are acknowledging that both citizens and duty bearers have an obligation to start the conversation about decisions that affect good public interest. We are also bringing in artists as opinion makers to the conversation #SharedAccountability …More on https://bit.ly/30UqVTn

120 Seconds of Legislature

120Seconds of Legislature is a show that brings young people closer to the legislative processes with Khetiwe Mathuthu. We are encouraging youth participation in national processes as an opportunity for self-development as well as knowledge and skills’ transfer to help young people take on societal development issues at an early age. #HaveYourSay … More on https://bit.ly/30UqVTn


As a flagship of the Loziba Movement, #HerWednesdays is a storytelling platform for young and upcoming Bulawayo artists. With a special focus on young womxn in art, this initiative is availing alternative and talented role models for girls in Bulawayo…. More on https://bit.ly/30UqVTn

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