Poets donate sanitary pads to YIT

Article by Senelani Ndlovu

02 September 2021

Dumisani Matewe, Vongai Monica Mujakachi, Thabitha Williams, Kudzai Choga along with their friends through their campaign ‘Donate a Pad and let her Confidence Stand’ donated sanitary pads to Youth for Innovation Trust.

Nowadays, young people tend to team up and motivate each other into doing what is wrong, but we have these unique young people, poets, friends who started an initiative as they are socially conscious and have realized that not every woman or girl affords to buy pads. Some girls when on their menstrual periods do not attend classes as they have no pads.

Dumisani Matewe stated that they started this campaign as friends. “We started this campaign as friends, we wanted to see whether people were going to support us into making this idea a success”, he said.

“People donated pads and money. We also got donations from Milton students, NetOne and some some publishing houses”, said Dumisani.

“It is our greatest wish that pads be given for free just like how condoms are distributed for free”.

He said they also donated sanitary pads to Emthonjeni Women’s Forum and they also want to donate pads to Trovoco”.

“As schools have opened, we are going to donate stationery, from the 10th to the 15th of September. We do not only want to cater for the girl child’s need but we also want to help the boy child as they are all important”, said Matewe.

Pushed by the zeal of giving back to the community, these poets are dedicated into making this initiative a part of their lifestyle not just a program that will come to pass.

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