Meet the #BAA20 Nominees, the Soul Dudes

Article by Khetiwe Mathuthu

Soul Dudes is a dance duo formed in 2014 that focuses on Afro fusion and contemporary dance. They just recently participated in a dance challenge that was done by Viensmedia for a Dance Cover Challenge and they came in first position. They have had a privilege and opportunity of showcasing their performance and share the stage with some of the famed artists @ CREDIS and they have worked with several artists such as Hwabaraty, Leeknotic, Qeqeshiwe Mntambo to name a few.

In the near future they say that they want dance to be seen as profession in Zimbabwe and taken to another level by opening a dance studio, choreography sessions, dance classes , fitness classes and Dj classes that will accommodate different kind of talents. Soul Dudes are inspired by Black Diamond, Les twins , Black motion and Chris brown.

“Soul Dudes is a brotherhood name that came from our long friendship which was filled with so many soulful situations, circumstances we faced simultaneously together that’s were we came up with the name . Our names are Mbongeni Nxumalo and Aaron Chikondawanga” ~ Mbongeni Nxumalo.

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