18 year old Diana starts a charity organization

YIT: Greetings Diana, please tell us more about yourself.

Diana: My name is Letlohonolo Diana Dube am a young girl currently 18 years of age and am doing my final Alevel year at Marist Brothers. I am an aspiring model and also part time programmer. I enjoy reading and also motivational speaking, girl empowering and helping the vulnerable and the poor. This is evidenced by the Warm hands charity organisation which was established this year and i am the co-founder. Apart from modelling I want to be a lawyer and also became an independent woman and prove to the shallow minded communities that women can do just as much as men.

YIT: Wow that is impressive, tell us more about Warm Hands Charity Organization.

Diana: About WARM HANDS CHARITY ORGANISATION  (NGO). It is an organisation that focuses mainly on giving back to the community and helping the needy and the vulnerable and by vulnerable I mean people who are victims of circumstances such as poverty and our main aim is to try and help those people and we believe that the little that we share with them has a great impact on them.  We also believe that helping is not only in form of the tangible items but also the form of labour and the time we spare to spend with these people makes a difference and we do all this through God’s will.

YIT: What are WHCO’s aims and objectives?

Diana: Our main aim is to at least feed and clothe  more than 20 people every fortnight and to also put a smile on someone’s face and this is where we get to be the Warm hands because a smile costs less than electricity but gives as much light ..

YIT: What motivated you to start Warm hands?

Diana: Well it’s something that I enjoy doing it has become my passion, it started during my secondary level when I started taking part in the school clubs and helping the locals which are around our school area. Apart from the school clubs through the modelling industry i have also managed to join some groups such as the beauty against poverty one and this is another factor that inspired me to start warm hands charity organisation.

YIT: How is the progress so far? At 18 people don’t normally take you serious, especially with something as big as starting an organization.

Diana: To be honest I do face a lot of problems because of people’s expectations already, like people already judge our generation so it tends To be really hard to convince them and they really see that you are really passionate about what your doing and you stick to it.

YIT: What are some of the challenges you have faced and how do you tackle them

Diana: Lack of cooperation is like the major problem that I face and sometimes I just become patient and eventually it passes and sometimes I  just be honest with everyone and tell them how I feel and talking really helps solving problems.

YIT: What can we expect from Warm Hands in future?

Diana: Great heights is what I can assure you , we want to help a lot of people and also be well known for our works and at the same time be an approachable organisation that people look up too.

YIT: Has Covid affected your work? And how?

Diana: Yes covid has affected my work to a greater extent because we are limited to movement as the organisation is a non governmental organisation we don’t get the opportunities to help broadly and also stretch our hands and also help others, we are limited to travelling and this is has greatly affected us.

YIT: What advice can you tell other young people with dreams like yours?

Diana:  Well there are just two things that I would like to share with them that they  should not give up no matter what happens and no matter how hard people  suppress them and the other thing is they should get up and define themselves before the society defines them inaccurately.

YIT: Do you take any volunteers?

Diana: Yes we are open to everyone.

YIT: What are your social media handles so people can follow you.

Diana:  FB @letlohonolodube_official…..IG@letlohonolodube_official

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