Celebrating Girls ICT in a time of crisis

Article by Prisca Pfunye

The ICT field has always been a male dominated space yet its a growing source of income from many countries. Girls have since invaded the space and are using ICTs to make a difference in the communities and the world.

Every 4th Thursday of the year the world commemorates the International Girls in ICT day. The contribution of girls in ICT has shown a great improvement to further development in different communities. Youth For Innovation Trust (YIT) is commemorating-this day in line with Zimbabwe Technovation Challenge project, which has introduced quite a number of girls to mobile app development for social change.

The Technovation Zimbabwe Chapter has been in existence for over three years, it has reached out to more than 600 girls introducing them to ICT. Technovation Challenge is global challenge for girls between the ages of 10_18, meaning from Primary level to High School level and it only accommodate girls to make mobile applications for social change.

From the previous years the Zimbabwe Technovation Challenge has been very successful in introducing girls from different schools to ICT. This year YIT has over 200 girls registered for the challenge and they are working from home due to the COVID 19 crisis that has affected the whole world. Technovation Challenge this year the girls will continue working on their challenge at homes and they are expected to submit their deliverables online and hold their celebration event online as well. The mentors are still determined so as the girls to work on their applications and challenge.

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